Moving around

As the Aalto University School of Business is located right at the heart of Helsinki, many places of interest are just a walking distance away. However the public transportation works very well and probably the easiest way to explore the whole center part of Helsinki is by taking a tram. If you prefer go a bit further, subway and local trains offer a way to go. Also busses operate all day long from central train station and from shopping mall Kamppi (busses to Espoo). See more information on trasportation below.

HSL - the Helsinki Region Transport company (the link directs you directly to the Visitors guide page)

  • If you know the street you are leaving from and your destination the street, you can use the Journey Planner. It suggests you the best transportation options. 
  • If you need transportation a lot, it is suggested that you obtain a day tickect from 1 day even up to 7 days. Also Helsinki Card might be an option; it is a multipurpose card valid for transportation and a free entry to many museums and attractions.
  • The cards above are valid in every form of transportation that HSL offers. Notice however that prices will vary if you want to for example obtain a card valid beyond the Helsinki zone (e.g. Espoo or Vantaa).
  • As the trams are the most convenient way to get around Helsinki city center, here are the maps for tram routes and their stops.
    • Tram route map
    • The tram stop map: the closest stop to our school is named Kauppakorkeakoulut/Handelsh√∂gskolorna. The names of the next stops are indicated in the trams, so it is easy to follow. The tram 3T goes between Central Railway Station and the school. The two important stops have been highlighted with yellow in the map.    

TAXIS: see the following page

Specific sightseeing tours are offered by many companies: 





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