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About Porto

Porto is a cosmopolitan city, an eclectic mix of things ancient and modern. A UNESCO world Heritage site with medieval townhouses, gothic palaces and baroque churches adorned with exquisitely handcrafted “azulejo” tiles. A city where the wine and gastronomy culture embraces its inhabitant’s lifestyle and creates life long memories for those who visit.

One of the greatest advantages of Porto is its size which many consider perfect – not too small, not too big. Small enough to be walked about on foot and still have the main attractions and services nearby; yet not so small that all points of interest can be seen in one day. But don’t let its size fool you, it has all the services and amenities that a big city offers.

The accommodation and food scene in Porto gets better day by day. The city is continuously reinventing itself with new restaurants and hotel openings. It can be stated that their food is delicious with unique and remarkable restaurant interiors, cool atmosphere and an innovative approach that combines the traditional Portuguese with innovative tendencies.

Perhaps the key reason why people keep Porto in their hearts is the authenticity, hospitality and friendliness of its people making it an unforgettable stamp of the city nicknamed “Invicta”.
















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Abreu Events - Porto Office

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