The University of Algarve is a young state university, located in the southern part of Portugal, one of the most touristic regions of Portugal. The University has witnessed a significant growth in terms of student population, modern facilities and the quality and diversity of programmes on offer. Founded in 1979, the University of Algarve results from the union of two pre-existing institutions, the University of Algarve and the Polytechnic Institute of Faro, which makes it somewhat unique, given that Faculties and Schools of both systems, co-exist. It has four faculties and four schools, offering a range of quality undergraduate and postgraduate courses in beautiful academic settings. The Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Science and Technology, the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences are located in the Gambelas Campus. The School of Education and Communication, the School of Management, Hospitality and Tourism, the Institute of Engineering, and the School of Health have their premises in the city centre.

The student population is today close to 10000, including more than 2000 foreign students from 90 different countries.

The EWEPA 2024 workshop will take place in the Gambelas Campus (please see photo and map below), a beautiful campus, close to Ria Formosa National Park, about 3 km away from the airport and 5 km away from the city centre of Faro.

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The Faculty of Economics (Building 8), where most of the EWEPA sessions will take place, offers 4 undergraduate courses, 10 master courses and 5 PhD programmes. Some of these courses are fully taught in English and recruit a considerable number of foreign students. To support such a diversified offer and its research activities, the Faculty of Economics (please see photos below) has a modern infrastructure and hosts two research units: CEFAGE-UAlg – the University of Algarve branch of the Centre for Advanced Studies in Management and Economics and CinTurs - Research Center for Tourism Sustainability and Well-being.


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